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Equipping believers to engage the unengaged of the world

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What We’re About

Our passion is to help believers and churches identify and engage the harvest fields in their communities where they work, live and play, in their region, in other cultures and unreached people groups. It is true church growth. This is called The Great Commission; it is our purpose. It is Jesus’ last words to us before returning to heaven.

Jesus told us, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So, pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” We believe the greatest harvest is beginning and we are a catalyst for Christians to actively engage in it.

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What We Do

We conduct Influence 7 Intensives that establish a Biblical foundation in a very practical way of what the Great Commission in the 21st century means for the believer and for your church to engage the unengaged from next door to around the world. We’ve uniquely designed interactive sessions to help internalize the training and develop an action plan for your organization to move forward.

Our Workshops:

re:Discovering your Purpose

We focus on reestablishing every believers purpose, which is to walk deeper with Jesus and reproduce that in others: in your communities, region, other cultures/sub-cultures and the unreached of the world. We contextualize the Great Commission to make it easy to live out day-to-day.

7 Mountains of Influence Introduction

We introduce this strategy that reaches every sphere of society where the church has lost its influence. Influence is the currency of transformation, and this workshop empowers believers to gain influence to advance God’s Kingdom into every corner of society. People begin to learn which mountain is theirs.

3 C’s – How to Climb Your Mountain of Influence

When we understand that Character, Competency & Chemistry produce Credibility, our whole lives change, and we begin walking and reflecting more of Jesus. This session teaches believers how to climb their mountain of influence to gain Kingdom of God influence and see people’s lives transformed by God’s power and love.

Discover, Develop, Deploy
– the Church’s Role

The Church’s role is two-fold. First is to help believers Discover their specific assignment, help Develop the person prepare for their assignment through discipleship & create a “Development Plan”, and then Deploy them into their assignment. Secondly, the Church is a base of encouragement, equipping and healing to redeploy back into “their world.”

Daniel’s Climb – How One Man Climbed the Mountain of Government

In this practical examination of Daniel’s life from captured prisoner of war to the second in command of the world’s leading super power, we learn the secrets of how God used disadvantaged person to reach the influencers of his society, where the church normally has no impact.

Passion Process
– Identifying My Purpose 

This is one of the most fun workshops, as it is very practical in its interactive approach to helping the believer discover God’s assignment for them, whether they are 18 or 58. We realize that God does have a plan for each person. It is a discovery process learning to listen to God and His direction.

Breaking Cultural Barriers
– the Art of Crossing Cultures

God has called every Christian to preach the Good News to everyone around the world. Many people of other cultures and sub-cultures already are a part of our communities. We NEED to know how to bridge cultural barriers that prevent us from reaching the very people God has called us to reach, whether they are Sudanese, LGBTQ, Kurdish, gang members, Mandarin Chinese or US military.



You already represent Jesus with how you live. The question is, “How intentional are you in representing Him well?”


We work with leadership to get a picture of where you are and then help you develop a plan. We assist you in creating a strategy of how to reach your communities, your region, other cultures and the unreached. We help to connect you with different programs and organizations to extend influence beyond your immediate geographic area.


We do workshops for businesses, ministries and schools where we lay a foundation of how you fit within the 7 Mountains of Influence and how unique and special is your calling. We train you how to climb your mountain and be a Kingdom influencer to the people in the world, right where you are.


This message isn’t just for the U.S. It is God’s message to his global Church. We travel around the world to be a catalyst for Christians to engage the unengaged in the world, in their communities and reach the unreached right where they are.


By partnering with us, you help us take this message to Christians around the world who need to be set free in God’s passion for their lives. We rely on our partners to get us where God wants us to go, no matter where that is. Contact us below to partner with us.

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Who We Are 

Hi! We’re Glenn & Marjorie Broce. We’ve been married since 1990 and have 5 young adult children and a son-in-law. We have been missionaries since 2010, serving in the highlands of Guatemala, and more recently in Kampala, Uganda. We are now based out of Kansas City, KS.

In Guatemala, we worked with the orphanage, Casa Angelina. Glenn was the Teams Liaison for the monthly work teams. Marjorie home-schooled our children.

In Uganda, we worked with Grace Assembly Church, where we taught Sunday mornings and conducted leadership training. Glenn was also the Chaplain and Marjorie was the secondary Art teacher at Heritage International School. We loved how God brought the nations to us with 27 nations from around the world represented.

We both graduated from Charis Bible College, Colorado Springs, CO (Andrew Wommack Ministries) with a Master of Biblical Studies in 2005. Glenn has a B.S. in Computer Science and Marjorie has a B.A. in Communications. Glenn is ordained through our home church, Church For All Nations, Colorado Springs, CO and we are plugged into our local church, Vineyard Community Church in Overland Park, KS. 


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say:

Glenn and Marjorie Broce are Charis Bible College graduates who have spent almost 6 years after graduation ministering in Uganda in a number of capacities and 15 months in Guatemala previous to that. They have proven God’s call and anointing on them by many changed lives. They now have new directions from the Lord to motivate and equip disciples in the US and abroad to go into all the world. They are taking the things they have learned and put into practice and motivating others to go and do the same. I recommend them personally and their ministry.

Andrew Wommack

President/Founder, Andrew Wommack Ministries

I have had the pleasure of sitting under Glenn and Marjorie Broce’s teaching on the 7 Mountains on two separate occasions. Glenn was also able to partner with me in ministering to emerging leaders in a university ministry in Uganda by giving this same teaching. Glenn and Marjorie are passionate about this teaching and thoroughly equipped in their delivery. The teaching offered by the Glenn and Marjorie is of extreme importance for the continuation of the church’s involvement in God’s mission to redeem the world. The teaching is strategic in taking the Great Commission and putting your personal role in the accomplishment of the Great Commission within reach. I highly recommend any involvement and partnership with Glenn and Marjorie in this teaching and inviting others to participate as well.

Joshua Hallahan

Missionary – World Gospel Mission

Glenn and Marjorie Broce have faithfully served as long-term missionaries out of Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO for 7 years. They served in Guatemala and Uganda… They are great connectors with other missionaries in the field, and established and nurtured relationships that built genuine community… Glenn and Marjorie are genuine and open to discuss their struggles with the Missions team. They are receptive to advice and counsel given. Yet, they pray and seek His will for their ministry. This meant perseverance in some not so easy situations at times. Their faith in God’s Word and their boldness to share that and pray for those they contact in every setting on the field was refreshing. The foundation of their lives on the Word of God and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, is a huge reason for their success. As they discovered the 7 Mountains or spheres of influence, they readily shared that as they had opportunity.

The Missions Team

Church For All Nations, Col Spgs

By the way, yesterday my mother spoke in church and her message was basically about how your input affects your output. I sat there gladly thinking this was what Mr. Broce taught us! The seeds you imparted in me are growing.

Deborah L.

 Alumni, Heritage International School

You have taught me so much. Mrs. Broce, you have taught me how spend time with Jesus and that has had so much impact on my life. Mr. Broce, you have taught me how to love others and put my trust in the Lord. You have both made me so much stronger.

Zoe V.

 Student, Heritage International School

What I enjoyed most about you two is the perfect patience you have shown toward so many. Those that know not of Him, those that Do, and struggle, and those that continue to seek. ….I love your positivity. I love the intents of your hearts. I love that I can see your desires are that all may know the love of Christ.

Rachel H.

 Parent, Heritage International School

Your testimony, example and ministry of the Word have been excellent. Your spirit of excellence was evident in all you did.

Titus M.

 Teacher, Heritage International School

You both have had a great impact on my family. When you impacted Ms. Margaret and her daughter, Deborah’s lives, it impacted me too because they transferred what they learned from you to me.

Fiona A.

 Teacher’s Assistant, Heritage Intetnational School

Our son’s life will never be the same as he has learned to have a more personal and intimate relationship with Jesus through you. And for the seven-mountain teaching that has been life changing for me and my husband. We have shared these teachings with our colleagues too.

Deborah M.

 Parent, Heritage International School

I am writing to commend to you Glenn and Marjorie Broce, who have been working with us for a period of 5 1/2 years.
They did a wonderful work in the local church and very [quickly] we left the first service in their hands the whole time they were in Uganda.
Glenn and Marjorie have exemplified a life of humility and service. They blended in perfectly with the whole congregation, being able to mix freely with the high and the low alike. Every member of our congregation loved them because of this rare trait among missionaries. 
Glenn traveled with me across the country as we conducted several prayer convocations among various tribes. He served me and my team with a rare humility, for which I will always remain grateful. 
We therefore profoundly appreciate the years that Glenn and Marjorie spent in Uganda and the fruit can only be computed in eternity.

Joshua Lwere

Bishop, National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda

It is with enthusiasm that I write this recommendation letter for Glenn and Marjorie Broce. Not only am I personally acquainted with this couple, but I was involved in an extensive evaluation process of the Broces as missionary candidates with Go To Nations. I would encourage anyone to make an investment in this couple. These are people of character and deep commitment to the Lord. It is my conviction that they will make great team players because of their respect for authority their high level of integrity and honesty, and their willingness to be responsible to others. They have a servants’ heart and exhibit a genuine love for people.

Dr. Jerry Williamson

President, Go To Nations

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